20% OFF USN’s Protein Delite Bars

August 8, 2014

USN’s Protein Delite Bars are an ideal, convenient snack which provides a healthy supply of protein whilst tasting fantastic. Their tasty 76g bars contain an impressive 30g of high-quality protein.

Apart from supplying you with a healthy amount of protein, you can benefit from our advanced Whey Isolate and also 0g of trans fats.

The Protein Delite Bars range provide you with a fantastic supply of nutrients which can support you ambitions and also come in three delicious flavours:  Toffee Almond, Cookies & Cream and the new Yogurt, Toffee & Almonds.

  • Supports muscle growth and repair
  • Advanced Whey Protein Isolate
  • Convenient snack
  • Delicious melt in the mouth flavours
  • 18 per box (50g bars)
  • 12 per box (76g bars)

Enjoy 20% off all USN’s delicious bars, for a limited time only at USN.co.uk.


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