Horse Meat

February 21, 2014

In early 2013, horse meat came under severe scrutiny in the UK, primarily because of contaminated beef products.

But, interestingly, the health and workout advantages of horse meat are exceptional. And by adding it to your daily diet, you not only reap the lean, protein packed benefits, but also add a super delicious meaty variety to what can be a pretty boring regime.

Now, thanks to the guys at, you can grab premium quality horse meat cuts, like Horse Striploin Fillets, Meatballs and Mince, all of which are crammed with protein and super-low in fat.

In fact, compared to their outstanding 5oz Beef Fillet, which contains 8g of fat, horse fillets have just 2.5g and taste similar to beef – only a little richer.

They’re also plentiful in essential glycogen with 0.5 to 3 times more than beef, resulting in softer, sweeter meat that’s great to eat after a workout.

After all, glycogen stores are almost completely exhausted after 60 minutes of intense training. This depletion can result in lethargy, lowering of muscle functionality and inhibit thyroid hormone release – reducing your ability to burn fat!

The recipe opportunities are endless when it comes to this tender, delicious meat.

You could grill the fillets as you would beef, create a spicy meatball pasta dish with Dr. Zak’s Protein Pasta or rustle up a super lean chilli con carne with the mince served with whole grain rice:

223Kcal (112 calories from horse mince)
25.3g Protein (22.3g from horse mince)
23.1 Carbohydrates (0.1g from horse mince)
3.5g Fat (2.5g from horse mince)

Plus, all of MuscleFood’s Exotic Meats, including horse, are prepared completely separately from all their other prime products to avoid cross contamination. is offering all Fighters Only fans a free loaf of protein bread with their order. Just enter the code ‘TRAINHORSE’ at the checkout or head to


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