Not all mouthguards are created equal

November 14, 2013

There is a reason Mouthguards are compulsory in MMA competition; the forces generated from a well-placed Muay Thai knee or a perfectly timed spinning back-fist is more than enough to knock out teeth and render the recipient unconscious.

Most fighters appreciate the importance of a Mouthguard

However, what many people don’t realise is that not all Mouthguard companies are created equal. Many companies are trying to take their slice of the Mouthguard market without having the proper credentials.

Guard worn by Luke Barnatt at UFC Fight Night 30 in London. are fast becoming well known for their advanced bespoke designed Mouthguards that fighters are finding more comfortable and safer than others.

It is not a coincidence given that they are one of the only companies that deal only in athletic Mouthguards. All of their custom Mouthguards are made in a DAMAS accredited dental lab by qualified dental technicians, which promises the highest quality and consistency in their products.

The fact that Safe MMA, (the UK’s dedicated medical project controlling the safety of MMA fighters) chose them as their official mouthguard partner is a testament to this fact.

Professional athletes from around the World are learning that the way to ensure they are as safe as possible is to get themself a Mouthguard from TheMouthguardShop.

UFC bantamweight Vaughan Lee says of their Mouthguards, “They fit so well you can hardly notice you’re wearing it but at the same time you feel so protected”.

What’s more, they can offer the most adventurous of designs.

For Vaughan’s guard for example they took a picture of his tattoo and transferred the image perfectly onto the front of the guard. It is this kind of personal service alongside the quality of the Mouthguards that makes stand out from the competition.

We have teamed up with to offer visitors a 20% discount off all products. To design your own custom fit Mouthguard or browse their range of stock Mouthguards visit and enter fightersonlymag at checkout for 20% off your order.


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