Ostrich Meat

February 21, 2014

Lean protein and complex carbs – the two are essential when it comes to building lean muscle mass. Yet, while fulfilling your protein needs through supplementation is great when you’re pushed for time, whole food sources have numerous extra benefits you just can’t match.

The only trouble is getting a wide variety of whole protein sources into your diet without it becoming boring, and we’ve all been there – chicken for lunch, dinner and everything in between…

But, thanks to the guys at MuscleFood.com you can now grab a wide variety of healthy, protein packed and super lean meats that taste immense and won’t break the budget.

In fact, they’ve recently expanded into the Exotic Meat market and are stocking outstanding 4oz Ostrich Steak Burgers!

Ostrich meat is widely considered to be the healthiest red meat you can buy thanks to its super-low fat content, cholesterol and sat fats. It’s also extremely high in protein (22g per 100g).

These free range burgers come straight from the plains of the Klein Karoo region in South Africa, which produces 85% of the world’s ostrich meat, and they taste immense when grilled and served de-constructed with all the usual burger trimmings and on a bed of rocket:

  • 134 Kcal (126 calories from ostrich meat)
  • 25.5g Protein (25g from ostrich meat)
  • 3.4g Carbohydrates (2g from ostrich meat)
  • 1.25g Fat (1.24g from ostrich meat)

You could even serve it with some home-made chunky sweet potato fries for a healthy vitamin A packed side.

Normally darker in colour than beef, ostrich meat has a slightly gamey flavour and has little intramuscular fat. It’s even been awarded the Heart Mark from the South African Heart & Stroke Foundation!

Great for those looking to lean up, cut fat and keep their hearts healthy, all the while enjoying flavourful grub – ostrich meat is really second to none.

MuscleFood are offering Fighters Only readers a free loaf of protein bread with their order. Just enter the code ‘OSTRICHFO’ at the checkout or head to www.musclefood.com/ostrichfo


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