Support Titin’s Weighted Compression Shorts on Kickstarter

May 23, 2014

TITIN’s new weighted compression shorts are a revolution in fitness gear, offering an even distribution of weight across your body which will help improve your posture while also avoiding damaging your joints.

“Our TITIN shorts evenly distribute weight across your lower extremities,” explains company founder Patrick Whaley. “It doesn’t tamper with your natural movement… It allows for full range of motion.”

This unique product uses 5lb of medical-grade gel weights, which are the same density as human muscle tissue. This gives the shorts a comfortable and natural feel, making them seem like just an extension of your own body.

Strapping on a pair of TITIN weighted compression shorts, along with their highly regarded weighted shirt, adds a total of 13lb to your bodyweight and, while that may not seem like a huge amount to carry, performing your regular workout with this added weight can greatly increase caloric burn, explosiveness and strength along with an extensive list of other benefits.

But, to make these shorts a reality, TITIN will need your help. In order to make their newest gear available to the world, Whaley and his team of exercise innovators have launched a Kickstarter campaign which aims to raise enough money to produce their high-quality, state-of-the-art item on a massive scale.

For more info on the TITIN weighted compression shorts and to make a contribution to the campaign, click here.

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