The importance of training with kettlebells

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February 17, 2014

The popularity of kettlebells has exploded over the last 4-5 years and, when you consider the many fitness benefits of these multi-functional workout instruments, it ‘s easy to see why. Today, anyone with an eye on functional fitness should be aware of the undeniable fact that these things get results; so much so that they’re used in all manner of training facilities from multi-chain gyms, to personal trainers, to the guy or girl with a space in their garage.

Here’s why kettlebells are an essential piece of kit that anyone serious about looking after themselves or their clients cannot be without:

1. Practical – Kettlebells combine the benefits of muscle toning, conditioning, fat loss and muscular endurance while also increasing strength and power, improving flexibility and increasing lean muscle mass. No other fitness tool does so many things simultaneously.

2. Efficient – By combining the benefits of strength training, anaerobic and aerobic training, and flexibility, users will never again have to spend hours each week moving from weight training to aerobic training to stretching. Through kettlebell training, they do it all at the same time, leaving more time to dedicate to other important aspects of life.

3. Versatile – The deep eccentric loading that occurs when you swing the kettlebell between your legs develops a powerful hip extension, which is fundamental to all kinds of athletic movements like running, jumping, squatting, lunging, and kicking. The kettlebell’s offset centre of gravity also maximises shoulder strength and flexibility, and its rounded handle and the dynamic movement patterns exercisers use help develop remarkable hand and forearm strength.

4. Athletic – Kettlebell training is athletic not just in the way it builds the body but also in the way it builds skills. Even if you do not feel like you are an athlete, with kettlebell training you will learn to move like one. It will help you to develop all major athletic attributes, such as strength, power, mobility, balance, agility, coordination and stamina.

5. Affordable – The cost of a single kettlebell can vary greatly depending on the weight and, with a few hundred £/$s, a person can outfit an entire home gym with enough kettlebells to continue to progress through fitness goals for many years. Since they are made of steel or cast iron, they will also never have to be replaced. They will literally last a lifetime and because they are portable, kettlebell training can take place indoors or outdoors, in your home, office, or garage.

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