Two-in-one energising pre-workout & body-sculpting agent

May 19, 2014

USN’s Hyperlean Two-In-One provides scientifically grounded technology to help bring you revolutionary enhancements in NO (Nitric Oxide) generation, recovery rate, explosive energy, as well as toning. This ß-Alanine-free & creatine-free option continues to offer the relevant performance benefits of a true performance enhancing pre-workout supplement.

Ideally suited to those who, for any reason, do not require supplementary creatine (none-responders or currently on an ‘off cycle’) but are still looking to influence their performance, reduce fatigue, support recovery and accelerate gains.

The benefits of supplementation with Hyperlean include:

· Significantly enhanced nitric oxide generation
· More explosive energy during workout
· Faster muscle recovery between sets
· Greater weight control and lean muscle maintenance

*Available in Fruit Fusion flavour


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