UFC Party Time

June 4, 2014

On July 5th UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman will step in to the octagon at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada where he will put his title on the line against challenger Lyoto Machida. For many, making a night of it and getting the full live event experience simply isn’t an option. This is where MMA Nightshift comes in.

The first MMA Nightshift is set to take place at Number 1 Bar in London on the night of UFC 175. Here fans will be able to attend a live viewing of UFC 175 and enjoy the company of fellow fight fans in a venue that caters for all needs – from the hottest waitresses, to live DJ sets, and the chance to lap it up at your very own VIP table!

So where did this idea come from? MMA Nightshift founder Ramell Carter explains: ‘’This idea was born from frustration. When your favourite football team is playing, all you have to do is pop down to your local pub. Your experience is heightened when you are with people who share the same interest. I wanted that with UFC title fights.

“I searched the internet and all I came up with was more people like myself screaming for the same thing. Being a bit of a hyperactive chap, I am known to wake the house up when the action gets to optimum levels! The Anthony Pettis ‘superkick’ didn’t go down well – at all! So I decided I would build exactly what I wanted. A few emails later, my first MMA Nightshift was born.

“Adding the party to the mix was simply to keep energy levels high whilst waiting for the main fight card. I believe this will encourage the birth of new fans as the fights become more accessible. Over the past couple of weeks the event has begun to snowball and we are already preparing to expand to other parts of the country. This is set to be the best thing to happen to the nightlife scene in a long time’’.

For full details, go to www.mmanightshift.co.uk


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