USN Hyperbolic Mass Review

January 14, 2014

Having started a training regime a few times previous to my latest attempt, I always had the same problem; I couldn’t put on the weight. Having a fast metabolism may seem beneficial to some, but when you’re trying to put on size, it’s quite infuriating.

I thought it would be beneficial to try and review a mass gaining supplement so as to offer an insight for others with the same aggravation and to kick start my training routine once again. I did my research, shopped around and decided to try the USN Hyperbolic Mass, the reason being is that it seemed tailored to the ‘hard gainer’.

I started my training regime at 11st standing 6ft tall, I made sure to record any changes and had my training down to a tee. I think that’s important to note; by keeping track of progress you can make changes depending on what works well for you, seeing the results also adds that extra motivation.

Having used Hyperbolic Mass for nearly 4 months now, I must say I am very impressed. Combined with a strict training plan and set targets, I’ve noticed a considerable difference. The main difference this time around was my diet; the high intake of calories kept my energy levels high, I felt good, I wasn’t fighting fatigue after 20 minutes and I was enjoying my training.

Now that I’ve broke through my plateau, I’m aiming even higher, I’m still using Hyperbolic Mass, as even though I’ve gained weight, my metabolism is still naturally fast, and the simple fact is, I don’t want to lose all the gains I’ve made.

At first you may struggle with the large intake, but it’s something you’ll get used to. I’ve tried the Strawberry and Chocolate flavours, both tasting great and mixed easily. I’ve yet to try the vanilla flavour, but I think I may on my next order, just to shake things up a little (literally)!

I hope this gives you an insight for those struggling to kick start their training, just because you’re a ‘hard gainer’ doesn’t mean gaining is impossible, set your targets, plan your training and work hard. The Hyperbolic Mass will definitely help, but you need to be motivated and combine it with an effective training plan.

To get Hyperbolic Mass plus loads more quality nutritional supplements, go to USN’s official website.


By Rob DiFranco


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