USN Introduces the New Muscle Fuel STS Bar!

March 3, 2014

Leading UK sports nutrition brand USN are excited to announce another new product launch, to their already extensive product range.

Introducing the new Muscle Fuel STS Bar, a meal replacement protein bar!

The bar is a tasty addition to their premium range of bars. It is scientifically formulated and is an ideal snack for any active person looking to fuel their body on-the-go.

Ideal for those times when you haven’t got time to prepare a nutritious meal, the Muscle Fuel STS protein bar will provide an impressive 14.4g of protein. For any athlete or gym goer, getting a healthy protein intake is essential to be able to progress and develop, no matter what sport or training goal you’re involved in.

Equally impressive is the 25.8g of energy-providing carbohydrates and with 2.1g of fibre and a mix of essential nutrients including Vitamins A, D and C, it’s packed with all the things you need to help push through those rigorous training sessions and keep you fuelled throughout the day.

With energy bars becoming increasingly popular in the fitness world due to their convenience and nutritional values, USN has produced this indulgent caramel shortbread flavour bar, providing customers with a nutritious bar which they’ll be looking forward to sinking their teeth into whilst gaining all their protein needs.

For more information about the Muscle Fuel STS bar visit USN’s official online store.


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