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OMMAC 3 - Only The Brave

The Olympia became home to one of the best fights to take place within UK MMA. Billed as a World Welterweight title fight between tough Brazilian Black Belt Luis ‘Bessouro’ Dutre Jr and Iceland’s own Ice Viking Arni Isaksson, both fighters had the entire venue applauding and giving both fighters a standing ovation once the fight had finished.

After a 2 year lay off, Arni Isaksson showed no sign of any inactivity as he looked to steam through the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt. Showing no fear and constantly looking to attack, Isaksson pressured the Brazilian with lethal bodyshots and effective ground and pound. Dutre using his effective counter punching scores takedowns in every round, only looking for a submission in the third which proved ineffective.

Dropping Dutre in the first round with big shots after eating a well timed knee, Isaksson shows how much power he had in his hands by dropping Dutre again in the third with ill intentioned bodyshots which had the crowd wincing.  Dutre, proving he was as efficient on his feet, times and scores with a couple of big knees as well as a headkick which rocks Isaksson in the first round but his main tool being able to score the takedowns when it really mattered.

A well fought match in which either fighter could have easily won, a decision victory goes to Luis Dutre Jr after a 3 round war easily being the best fight in OMMAC’s 3 events.

Journeyman Shaun Lomas shocked UK MMA as he battled through, beating and even hospitalising crowd favourite and Wolsflair’s up and comer, former professional boxer, Tony Moran. Sent to hospital with rib damage and a suspected punctured lung, Moran tested Lomas’ chin with several heavy shots but only really showing his dominance in his takedowns and ability to control the fight from the ground briefly. Lomas works hard, escaping a guillotine attempt and even taking Moran down himself from clinch in the first round before attacking for the back and getting his hooks in.

A left sidekick floors Lomas in the second and listening to his corner’s advice of “Right hand counter to the low kick”, Moran advances and takes Lomas down. Lomas scores multiple times with big kicks in the third round and trade heavy shots. Moran scores another takedown but is swept. After inactivity – the referee stands before Moran shoots and scores another takedown at the end of the round.

Another well fought and well deserved win for Shaun Lomas picking up the decision.

EFR Belfast’s Ronan McKay takes on Kaobon’s Lee Chadwick in a short fight which ends with McKay submitting Chadwick via a well set up triangle. Both fighters open, trading a few shots before Chadwick takes McKay down. Chadwick briefly passes into half guard before McKay retrieves full guard and works for the triangle.

Ronan McKay via Triangle Choke

Richie Ryder had the crowd in disbelief after dropping F’s Freestyle fighter Chris Cooper. Immediately looking to capitalise, Ryder attempts a rear naked choke but drops off the back and is reversed. In bottom side control, Ryder grabs an arm and attempts a kimura which Cooper taps to.

Richie Ryder via Kimura.

Another solid win for Uche Ihiekwe from Kaobon as he drops Ben Eastwood with a right hand and a perfect knee. A short fight in which the referee had to stop the bout but another great performance by Ihiekwe as he continues to show his stopping power at Semi Pro.

Uche Ihiekwe by referee stoppage/TKO.

Stephen Li

Pietro Menga def Ronnie Corbett via Triangle Choke – Round 1
Frazier Opie def Dan Abbott via KO – Round 2
Uche Ihiekwe def Ben Eastwood via Ref Stoppage/TKO – Round 1
David Hill def Afsul Miah via Armbar – Round 2
Mick Solomons def Ash Pollard via Arm Triangle – Round 1
Jay Manning def Tom Thorneycroft via Rear Naked Choke – Round 1
Chris Oban def Tom Morris via tapout – Round 1
Jay Gladden def Steve Haddy (?) via Rear Naked Choke – Round 1
Richie Ryder def Chris Cooper via Kimura – Round 1
Luis ‘Bessouro’ Dutre Jr def Arni Isaksson via Decision for World Welterweight Title
Jay McGuinness def Carl Harrison via Triangle Choke – Round 1
Tim Newman def Aaron Wilkinson via Armbar – Round 2
Ronan McKay def Lee Chadwick via Triangle Choke – Round 1
Shaun Lomas def Tony Moran via Decision
Paul Cahoon def Matti Makela via Decision