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UK: Bushido Challenge 2


Harvey Hadden
Nottingham, England
MMA returned to Nottingham, in the form of Norfolk based promotion Bushido Challenge. Having held a successful event in their home town for the first show, a more central location was selected for their second outing.
The people in attendance would have gone home feeling they had certainly got their money's worth, as this was a fantastic show. A very strong card for only their second show, and very well ran. No long breaks, no ridiculous interval, and great support and respect shown to every fighter from the audience.
Main Event: Welterweight Title

Danny Mitchell Vs Eugene Fediora

Doncaster’s Danny Mitchell has been tearing up the domestic welterweight scene in style recently and came in to the fight at 8-0. His opponent, Team Kaobon’s Eugen Fediora has been making name of himself with an equally impressive record of 7-0. Someone’s '0' had to go and on the night it was the valiant Mitchell who lost his unbeaten record.
One thing I will say is that Danny Mitchell has balls. Big balls! Having received a nasty broken nose in the first exchange of round 1, it was clear to see that his breathing was in a bad way, as he tried to go for plan B, which included a brief single leg take down in the second round. Fediora is no push over though and managed to impose his will throughout the fight and use his size and strength to escape out of some decent submission attempts from Mitchell.

This was the way the fight went for the best part of three rounds, until Mitchell found himself being held down in what from my view looked like some sort of crucifix hold in the third round. UFC referee Marc Goddard didn't rush to jump in, but he and the the crowd knew that Mitchell was taking unnecessary blows to the head. As Fadiora rained down more left hands from above, Goddard called an end to the bout. Mitchell will be back, and I look forward to seeing who steps up to challenge Fediora next.

Bantamweight Title

James Doolan V Artemij Sitenkov
This is a fight that will go down in UK MMA history, as one of those fights that had to be seen to be believed. No sooner had both guys felt each other out, Lithuania's Artemij Sitenkov had crawled up and under, then over again to submit Dinky Ninja team member Doolan. The move which ended the fight in 34 seconds, can only be described as 'Monkey-Like BJJ'. How he did it so quickly remains unanswered, but it was certainly something I imagine I will never see for many years in a Pro MMA bout.
Alex Enlund V Dino Gambatesa (Enlund via RNC 2.58 of Rnd 1)
Although not a title fight, this bout deserves a mention. At only 22 years of age, Enlund knew that facing Cage Rage veteran Gambatesa was going to be a big step up in class. Any jitters or nerves flew out of the venue as Enlund went straight in for the double leg and put put the Welsh fighter on his back. a full scale grappling match ensued with Enlund managing to maintain the dominant top position, throwing the occasional right hand, and successfully passing the guard on more than one occasion.

After about a minute of the first round Enlund seemed to take a split second to breathe but this was all it took for Gambatesa to get out from under Enlund and go for the RNC. Gambatesa was like lightning but this was going to be Enlund's night. The North East based rising star shook off any danger and made a full recovery to reverse the action and take control, as well as Gambaseta's back, to get the tapout.

Pictures courtesy Boogaloo MMA Solutions
John Cullen V David Hill (Hill via RNC 4.20 of Rnd 2)

Alex Enlund V Dino Gambatesa (Enlund via RNC 2.58 of Rnd 1)

Sham Haque V Karl Harrison (Harrison via TKO/GnP 28secs of Rnd 1)

Leeroy Barnes V Nasef Alganga (Barnes via Guillotine choke 2.53 of Rnd 1)

Steve McCombe V Vaughen Lee (Lee via RNC 2.26 of Rnd 1)
Allan Love Vs John Phillips (Fight did not go ahead due to Phillips not making weight)

Bantamweight – Title Fight
James Doolan V Artemij Sitenkov (Sitenkov via Armbar 34secs of Rnd 1)

Welterweight – Title Fight
Danny Mitchell V Eugene Fadiora (Fadiora via 2.19 TKO/GnP of Rnd 3)