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Randy Couture on acting dream, leaving the sport, looking back at James Toney

Randy Couture was at the UFC 120 Fan Expo in London, England at the weekend and Fighters Only staff writer John Joe O'Regan had a quick chat with him about his immediate future and his apparent desire to concentrate on acting and leave the MMA world behind.

FO: Hi Randy, thanks for talking to us. You’ve been to England several times now, are you having fun at the Expo? What do you think of the British fans?

Its been a great event, a lot of people here and everybody had a good time. The fans here are terrific, they understand the sport and like most of the fans involved in our sport they are gracious and they are fun to be around, its good.

FO: I know you’re really tired so I’ll jump straight in - you recently said that you were seeing your future more in Hollywood and less in fighting; can you talk about that a little bit for us?

I’m not sure what I am gonna do. I am definitely gonna make some more movies there is no question about that, we start shooting the sequel for The Expendables in March, this next Spring, so I am excited about that.

I don’t know what is gonna happen on the fight front. I have had my wars, done my thing. I’ve been having fun, I can still fight, but I am not sure I want to make another run at the title or anything like that.

FO: There’s easier ways to make money, right?

Well, I enjoy the sport, I enjoy fighting - but its probably time to move on

FO: When you look at a career in acting are you thinking strictly action movie roles or would you like to diversify?

Well I hope to diversify I would like to try a little bit of everything we ill see. Its a fickle business so you never know what is going to happen

FO: You could have a future in comedy - a lot of people will remember the Randy Couture: Divorce Attorney skit from last year’s MMA awards. You looked like you had fun making that.

It was fun, it was all tongue in cheek. I am not sure my ex-wife appreciated it! (laughs). I actually get to host those awards this year so I am excited about that, there is going to be some more fun involved.

FO: Last question then, your last fight - you put James Toney away pretty quickly. A lot of pre-fight talk centered on whether it was MMA vs. Boxing. You didn’t label it as such before the fight but what about now, would you say it was MMA vs. Boxing or was it just another fight?

Well certainly it was rules of engagement for mixed martial arts. I don’t know what James was thinking, obviously he thought it was just a boxing match! I n my mind it wasn’t MMA versus boxing it was an MMA match.

I went out there, used a good low single, took him down and put him on the ground where he needed to be and then it was kind of up to him what he had learned, how much training had he done in mixed martial arts - and it was evident that it wasn’t much!

Randy Couture spoke with John Joe O’Regan