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Dos Santos questions need for managers at UFC level

Junior Dos Santos broke his silence today regarding his split with manager Ed Soares this week.

The heavyweight contender didn’t say anything that revealed any bad blood as such, but he did imply that he had not been receiving as much attention as he would like. He also questioned what exactly it is managers do in MMA, particularly once the fighter is at UFC level.

“I'll have a manager [again] but for now I have a lawyer in the US and she's already taking care of my business… We are in touch with the UFC and we let them know we changed things. For now I'm with her and as soon as I see how things will work then I'll look for my new manager - if I need one,” he told R7.com

“To be honest I really don't know exactly what a manager does and I questioned this before making my decision... Of course he'll sign contracts, help my career and plan my camps. But I don't know exactly what's his function... It's not clear for me,” he added with a laugh.

“The manager has to be at your side all the time making sure you have everything you need. I'm not saying Joinha and Ed Soares didn't do this but perhaps they didn't satisfy our needs… I don't think they failed me.

“Perhaps they could've give me a bit more attention... I want to be the top priority. I work hard and I always focus on my career. I want someone that'll dedicate himself to my interests. My work demands that much attention.”

Dos Santos concluded, “Everything is still the same. Nothing has changed, except that Tough Media does not represent me anymore as managers.

“In fact, the UFC is such an organized company that they themselves are [practically] our own managers. Usually they already do anything they want in the US. The manager doesn't have much of a say in UFC's decisions.... Of course they help here and there but it's very little.”

Dos Santos defeated Shane Carwin at UFC 131 this month to earn the right to challenge UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez for the belt. He will probably do so in November. A meeting between the pair is pencilled in for that month but bout agreements are yet to be signed.