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Dana: "No fourth chance for Marquardt"

There is still something we don’t know about Nate Marquardt’s recent removal from the Rick Story fight and subsequent departure from the UFC, according to company president Dana White.

Discussing Marquardt’s situation - and ostensible similarities with Chael Sonnet’s - at the UFC 132 pre-fight press conference he said, “The difference between Chael and Marquardt is that we can talk about everything with the Chael situation. We can't with Marquardt.”

He said something similar immediately after the UFC on Versus 4 event that Marquardt was pulled from, telling the television audience that Pennsylvania Athletic Commission rules meant that only Marquardt could disclose what had happened, if he chose to do so.

Marquardt has since stated that he was using Testosterone Replacement Therapy but had failed to produce a valid prescription from a doctor that the PAC would recognise as qualified to provide such. As a result they declared his pre-fight medicals to be failed.

White remarked, “There's a difference between testosterone-replacement therapy and where you get it to a level where it's a performance-enhancer. I'm not a doctor, so I'm not going to pretend I even remotely know what I'm talking about.

“But I know you get to certain level where it's more than testosterone-replacement therapy and trying to get back to normal levels.”

Interestingly, Nevada State Athletic Commission executive Keith Kizer talked to TapouT.com this week about TRT and medical exemptions for it.

While he did not reference Marquardt directly he did specifically state that just because a fighter has a doctor’s note for TRT, does not mean they can engage in “super-dosing” to pump their testosterone levels sky-high. That would invalidate the exemption.

Fans felt Marquardt had been treated harshly by the UFC, until it emerged that he was also in hot water with the New Jersey Athletic Commission for his UFC 128 fight months earlier. The NJAC was aware of his TRT and had given him six weeks to provide a valid prescription. To date he has not done so and may now face disciplinary action from that body.

“To me this [would be] his fourth chance,” White said when asked if the UFC could not just let him off and give him a ‘second chance’ following last weekend’s fiasco.

“This is a fourth chance. He tested positive before, and then apparently he was on suspension with New Jersey because his levels were high. Then he comes into [Pittsburgh] and doesn't pass his medicals. Is that a fourth chance or a second chance? It sounds like a fourth chance to me… Nate's done [with the UFC.]”