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Sonnen turns soccer hooligan to provoke Anderson

Sonnen turns soccer hooligan to provoke Anderson
December 6th 2011

His direct challenge to the champion at UFC 136 came to nothing, so Sonnen has gone a new route to approach his haranguing of Anderson Silva.

Silva recently picked up sponsorship from Brazilian soccer club Corinthians and is an ambassador for the club. Corinthians main rival is the Palmeiras team, so Sonnen has claimed their colours as his own. Its a gesture that will resonate with the soccer-crazy Brazilian nation.

The accompanying picture and video were both released by Sonnen exclusively to Brazilian channel SporTV, home of the respected martial arts show Sensei along with other sports programming.



  • frankie frankie

    Posted at 15:21 on December 6th 2011

    Thios doesn't mean much. Corinthians just won the Brazilian league with Palmires finishing 11th. All it s says is Sonnen isn't in the same league as Silva. Anderson will simply jusy brush it off.

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  • GMan

    Posted at 11:13 on December 7th 2011

    I think this geezer is just plain stupid. I don't think he realises just how passionate South Americans are when it comes to football. Someone will approach him at some point. That's like a Rangers fan taunting a Celtic fan or Liverpool and manure. It will always end up in violence. Sonnen better hope he doesn't meet any crazy Corinthians fans.

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    Posted at 17:26 on December 7th 2011

    frankie frankie : Palmeiras is the most traditional football club in Brazil, won more national tittles than any ohter and won the South American Cup (Libertadores) that corinthians never won.

    GMan: And corinthians fans simply sucks hard. Nobody is gonna mess with Sonnen... Palmeiras fans are going to support Sonnen against anderson!

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