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Golden Glory's De Jong on Overeem's chances against Lesnar

Golden Glory's De Jong on Overeem's chances against Lesnar
December 28th 2011

Alistair Overeem recently parted ways with the Golden Glory team, his home for 12 years. He moved his camp to the US and was training with Xtreme Couture - but that hardly got off the ground as he was forced to return to the Netherlands to attend to his mother, who is ill with cancer.

Fighters Only asked his former trainer - and friend - Martijn De Jong for a prediction on the December 30th fight with Brock Lesnar. It will be Overeem’s UFC debut and if he wins he gets a title shot. De Jong thinks Overeem can pull the win off - but only if he is feeling truly confident.

“If Alistair had his old team surrounding him, he would have definitely won this fight, I would have predicted a second-round TKO. Now, it's a different story. I am not involved in his camp anymore. Me knowing him well, and with all the recent events happening, it is hard to predict.

“As everybody knows, he split up with his long-time family Golden Glory. This is not only a split with his management but also with his trainers and teammates (not to be confused with sparring partners). The whole energy leading up to the fight and during the fight will be different.

“Besides that he flew his whole new camp to Las Vegas just to return after a week or so as his mother had to go through medical procedures. Then the Athletic State Commission was hunting him down for 4 weeks trying to get a valid steroid test, which resulted in a hearing and some strict requirements.

“Besides all that, Brock will be the crowds favourite. All this mentioned above would be very hard for any fighter to prepare fully for a big fight like this, and Brock is a strong, huge and amazing wrestler who can take a punch.

“Of course Alistair has the edge striking standing up and Brock has the edge wrestling and on the ground.

“With all of Alistair's skills and experience - he was with Golden Glory for 12 years, after all -  he still might be able to pull off the W but it's not gonna be easy. Fighting is mostly a mental game. The one who will have that in place will be the victor on December 30.”


  • ranshenghy

    Posted at 02:04 on December 21st 2012

    Earhart had a feeling she might not survive
    On Tuesday, 3 July 2012 鈥?75 years and a day after Amelia Earhart disappeared 鈥?an expedition left Honolulu, bound for an uninhabited coral island in the South Pacific. Its mission is to search waters west of the atoll for the wreckage of Earhart鈥檚 sunken Lockheed Electra.
    There鈥檚 evidence, organizers say, that Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, landed on the island and survived there for days or weeks until they died. A newly discovered photo, taken three months after they vanished, shows what may be part of the Electra鈥檚 landing gear in deep waters off the island, called Nikumaroro.
    Image analysis by U.S. government and other experts was so compelling that the State Department encouraged a new mission to explore the area. Led by the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), the privately funded lb1.3 million expedition will use robotic sonar technology to search waters more than half a mile deep for the missing plane.
    Earhart disappeared on 2 July, 1937, while trying to complete the first round-the-world flight at the equator. Other pilots had flown around the world, but this was the longest, most hazardous route, including a perilous crossing of the entire Pacific. No one had ever attempted the flight. It was the ultimate challenge.
    Her friends worried that it was too risky. Louise Thaden, a pilot who was famous for setting speed, altitude and endurance records, wanted her to cancel the trip, but Earhart would not change her mind. If she died she said, it would be doing what she wanted to do. She wasn鈥檛 afraid.
    Thaden, like Earhart, was passionate about flying, and she understood. 鈥淚f your time has come to go,鈥?Thaden explained at age 33, 鈥?flying> is a glorious way to cross over. Smell of burning oil, the feel of strength and power beneath your hands in your mind鈥檚 eye the everlasting beauty and joy of flight.鈥?
    Earhart had a feeling, she admitted to a friend, that she might not survive the trip. But her worst fear was of {keyword} growing old, so she wouldn鈥檛 feel completely cheated if she lost her life.
    One month and a day before she disappeared, at dawn on 1 June, 1937, she and Noonan climbed into her Lockheed Electra and took off on their record-attempting flight around the globe. They soared over the Caribbean to Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dutch Guiana, and Brazil, then flew across the Atlantic to the west coast of Africa. From there, they flew thousands of miles over barren, uncharted terrain to Eritria, then over Arabia to the Indian subcontinent.
    In one of the last letters she sent home, Earhart said it had been a grand trip, an adventure she had always dreamed of. She never felt better.
    But by the time she reached her last stop in New Guinea, on June 30, her tone was changing. From there, she had to fly 2,500 miles across the Pacific to a tiny sandspit in the middle of the ocean鈥攁 place called Howland Island. Only two miles long and half a mile wide, it was easy to miss, but they had to refuel there before crossing the rest of {keyword} the vast Pacific.
    In one month, she and Noonan had traveled 22,000 miles, with another 7,000 to go before completing their circle around the world. The most dangerous {keyword} leg was from New Guinea to Howland, and Earhart wanted to fly it the next day, on July 1. But that night, Noonan got very drunk and didn鈥檛 get to bed until early morning. Earhart cancelled their takeoff and waited another day.
    On the morning of 2 July, she and Noonan took off from New Guinea and headed for Howland Island. U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships stood by to guide them in by radio. The weather was clear, and the cutter Itasca was waiting for them off Howland. But Earhart was having serious problems with her radio. She was able to send voice messages but couldn鈥檛 receive transmissions. She was never able to establish and maintain two-way communication.
    For more than 20 hours, she flew across the ocean, cramped inside her tiny cockpit and unable to get bearings because of radio problems. Lost over the Pacific, she was broadcasting her line of position over and over: 鈥淲e must be on you but cannot see you鈥as is running low鈥nable to reach you鈥︹€?
    Her voice, according to the Itasca鈥檚 radio operator, was blasting through the ship鈥檚 speaker so loudly that it couldn鈥檛 get any louder. Desperate, frantic, rushed, it was almost a scream.
    Then there was silence, and Earhart and Noonan disappeared with the whole world watching. Seventy-five years later, we鈥檙e still searching for answers.
    Susan Wels is author of Amelia Earhart: {keyword} The Thrill of It
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