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Machida offers to fight Sonnen - with one arm


The confidence of a professional fighter can be a wonderful thing to behold.

Take Lyoto Machida. Mere hours after waking up from surgery on his left arm, and weeks after being strangled unconscious by Jon Jones, the former champion was picking a fight with the UFC equivalent of the schoolyard bully.

“I just woke up from surgery, everything was OK. I feel very well,” Machida posted after waking up in hospital with his arm in plaster. Then he sent an offer to Sonnen.

“Chael Sonnen, I just got out of surgery, but I can give you your return gift inside the Octagon - with one arm. All you have to do is accept the fight.”

Machida’s tweet was prompted by a video clip released this week from Sonnen’s new regular spot among UFC programming on FOX-owned channel Fuel TV. Sonnen did a sarcastic skit about Christmas presents for certain fighters, Machida among them.

Sonnen’s jibe at Machida was based on Machida’s practice of urine therapy, which is founded on a theory that that urine contains unabsorbed nutrients which can be retained by ingestion. He stayed with this theme after Machida tweeted him, dismissing him as a “pee pee mouth” in what was an uncharacteristically puerile response for one of the UFC‘s more highbrow fighters.

The odds of a fight between the pair happening are fairly slim but if Sonnen loses to Mark Munoz later this month that would put him out of the running for a middleweight title shot and there could conceivably be a move to light-heavyweight afterwards.

A clash with Machida would excite considerable interest in the English-speaking world, where Sonnen has achieved prominence with his outrageous trash talk, and in the burgeoning market of Brazil. Sonnen has repeatedly slated the entire country, as well as its most prominent fighters, and there are many who would like to see a Brazilian make him eat his words.