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Hughes quotes Bible to justify hunting


Matt Hughes has become embroiled in a row with what he describes as “PETA idiots” - and he has used the Bible to try and shoot them down.

The former UFC welterweight champion was bombarded with criticism after posting pictures to his Twitter account of he and his brother posing with dead animals they had killed while hunting.

Among the tally were dead deer and a dead bobcat; animal lovers around the world were quick to take Hughes to task, posting messages to him such as, “How very Christian of you to kill innocent beings.”

The first comment to draw a reply from Hughes was one to the effect that “animals should only be killed if you intend to eat them”.

Hughes countered by asking if the sender would kill mice if they had an infestation in their house (it wasn’t clear if Hughes had woken up to a house infested with deer or bobcats prior to this latest hunt).

“No, we don't have mice. But if we did, the cat would kill and eat them,” his correspondent replied, prompting a sarcastic Hughes to sneer, “You’re right...if you can't see them I'm sure they aren't there… Hope all have a fun night and a great start to a year. Don't drink and drive. More at stake than your own life.”


Hughes then did a bit of public service by announcing, “If you don't like seeing dead animals please stop following me”. He then addressed his detractors as a whole, saying “I'm not even going to try and educate you PETA idiots.”

The conversations finished with Hughes retweeting a passage from the book of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament. “Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground,” it says.

Interestingly, the entire spat was started by none other than Jenna Jameson, partner of former light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz. Hughes and Tito don’t particularly get along and so when Jameson saw Hughes posting pictures of his kills, she retweeted them to her many followers exhorting them to give Hughes a blasting.

Hughes also posted on his website on December 30th to advertise his appearance in tastefully-named hunting show ‘1 Critter, 2 Critter, 3 Critter - Boom!’ in which he “hunts for big whitetail bucks at Agarita Ranch in South Texas, with ranch manager, Tye Green.”

Does Hughes’ bible quote justify the hunting and killing of animals that aren’t going to be used for food? Are you for or against hunting in general? Let us know in the box below!