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Kharitonov open to UFC move, has K-1 offer on table


Sergei Kharitonov is open to a move into the UFC heavyweight division, but only if the money is right.

The Russian veteran, who fights under the banner of famed Dutch academy Golden Glory, is currently signed to Strikeforce. His contract with Strikeforce is non-exclusive, meaning he can compete in other MMA promotions and can also fight in K-1 kickboxing.

Fighters Only spend some time with him recently, travelling from Golden Glory’s home town of Breda to the city of Utrecht where Kharitonov spent the day training with Jon Olav Einemo under the guidance of Martijn de Jong.

“I don’t know what the situation is right now. Strikeforce heavyweight [division] is finished very soon I think. Maybe one more fight for me, I don’t know,” he told Fighters Only when asked for an update on his status.

Regarding a possible move to the UFC, he told us in broken English that he would be open to the move if the finances added up.

“If the UFC contract is for the right money then yes of course its good, its no problem. But the problem with UFC [contract], its exclusive. So no DREAM, no K-1, it means not so many fights and not so much money,” he said.

But K-1 has been struggling recently and is understood to have both run out of money and undergone a schism, with founder Mr Ishii going one way and president Mr Tanigawa going the other. Does it make sense to turn down a UFC offer if K-1 is in such a state?

“For K-1, I am very hopeful, actually I was offered a new contract for K-1. There is some news coming soon,” Kharitnov said, although when asked for details he indicated that he could not say any more at present.