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Bobby Lashley negotiating to fight Fedor


After going 2-0 last year, things are looking promising for former pro wrestler Bobby Lashley’s mixed martial arts career in 2012. One exciting development in Lashley’s career is the possibility of a signing with rapidly rising promotion Bellator.

Breaking the news to Fighters Only when we visited him at his American Top Team: Altitude gym in Colorado, Lashley explained, “It was a contract that was just put on the table... I got the call yesterday so I don't even know any of the details of the deal. I think Bellator is a great company and I would love to be able to fight for them.”

Lashley also spoke about the possibility of a fight with the legendary Fedor Emelianenko. "The guy's got a tremendous amount of fights under his belt... I'd like to fight him.”

According to Lashley, Fedor’s managers are currently looking for the Russian MMA veteran’s next opponent, and his name is on the list of potential matchups. “I'm going to throw everything at him that I can. Of course, my wrestling's there, I don't give a damn what he's doing. I'd put my wrestling up there with almost anyone right now.

“I think that my wrestling would trump some of the things that he has. I know he's a great fighter, but if I fought him then of course I'm going to try and wrestle him down... If it was Dave [Bautista], I'm standing and banging with him. I've been doing a lot of boxing."

A potential bout between Lashley and fellow former WWE star Dave Bautista, aka Batista, is something that has been on the minds of fans and reporters for quite some time now. Though it remains to be seen if that fight will ever happen, the ATT heavyweight is still interested in the idea.

“I know a lot of people are looking at that fight and saying I shouldn't take it, but that's the entertainment aspect of [MMA]. If the wrestling fans want that then it's an opportunity for me to have a fight, which will probably warrant a good amount of money... I'll take that fight, no problem.”

At 35 years old, it is clear that Lashley is as hungry as any young upcoming fighter in the sport. “I wanna fight the best, so if I have an opportunity to fight Fedor, let's do it. If I have an opportunity to fight anyone right now let’s just damn do it.”