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Ed Soares on Aldo split, Anderson, Black House


Earlier today it was reported that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo had parted ways with well-known manager Ed Soares and the Black House team.

Fighters Only confirmed the split in a conversation with Soares, who is currently in California with Anderson Silva.

Aldo will now be managed by his coach Andre Pederneiras, head of the Nova Uniao team, as he was before he became a UFC champion.

FO: The news seems to have been a surprise to you; any idea what went wrong with Aldo?

I wouldn’t say anything went wrong as such, other than Andre feels he doesn’t need our services as management any more. And that’s fine, it wasn’t like we were together since the beginning, we managed him once he became champion.

Andre wanted us to manage him and I think we did a great job for him, we did what we were supposed to do. Now with things happening in Brazil and elsewhere, he felt he was better if he could do things himself.

FO: What are your thoughts on Andre Pederneiras’ decision to cease having Aldo managed by yourselves?

I don’t necessarily agree with the decision he made but he is his own man and if that’s what they want then sure, best of luck. It was a surprise to me and I was disappointed Jose is a great kid and a great person and he is about to have his first child… he has to do what is best for him.

Jose is one of the best fighters in the world and we are one of the best management groups in the world. We are both going to be strong without each other but I do feel we would be stronger together. I always believe that together we make a stronger union. We are much stronger together than we are separate. But Jose not being with us won’t change him, and it won’t change us.

FO: The relationship with three other Nova Uniao fighters and yourselves remains unchanged though?

Well Diego Nunes is a guy that we placed in Nova Uniao, we managed him since the WEC. The other guy, Johnny Eduardo and Luis Ramos, those were guys that… to me those guys were family. Andre says we will still keep managing those guys because we got them into the UFC - well sure, no problem, they are great guys. All three of those are great people.

FO: Since Junior Dos Santos left, and there was some public displeasure from Anderson over comments made by yourself, the internet rumour mill is wondering if Black House is now in dire straits-

We’ve lost two guys in eight years.

FO: What was that rift with Anderson about? It was the first time we had seen anything like that from him.

The relationship with Anderson and me, Anderson and us, is like family. We have been in each other lives so much, we have been so influential to each other in our professional lives, that we have been through thick and thin. We might have a big fight, blow up at each other, but then two hours later we will all be in a restaurant with our families sitting down together and laughing and stuff.

Its more like a brotherly relationship. You argue with your brother and it gets all loud and stuff but then at the end of the day its deeper than that. We have disagreements like anyone else does but I feel like with Anderson, its til death do we part. Unless something really bad happened but I cant see anything bad like that happening.

You have disagreements but can anyone go through life having a close relationship with someone and not have disagreements?

FO: So its all good at Black House presently?

One hundred percent. Let me tell you something, there will be stuff coming out in the media in the next thirty days that will amaze people. Any problems we have had have just been… this thing is a flight, and occasionally you are going to hit turbulence. But that doesn’t mean you are going to hit the ground. There is always going to be turbulence but in the near future there will be huge announcements.

We are building and we don’t have time to sit still and dwell. It was a bummer to lose Jose, he was a huge asset but we also felt we were a huge asset to him and his career. But we have to move on, and everything is good at Black House and we are moving forward.

FO: Do you feel like you’ve been badly treated in what has happened today?

No; Jose has always been a great person and he is a strong entity in the MMA world by himself, and so are we. We’ve had so many UFC and Strikeforce fighters, so many champions… Anderson, the Nogueiras, Machida, Feijao.

When we took Aldo on he was a champion, we cant take credit for that. It was Andre Pedeneiras who made him a champion. We were there to try and enhance his life, I believe that we did. Maybe we weren’t able to enhance his life the way that they would have liked us to, I don’t know, but if they can do a better job then be my guest, go for it.