UFC's Ross Pearson picks a fight with ex-England captain John Terry

UFC's Ross Pearson picks a fight with ex-England captain John Terry
February 8th 2012

Chelsea player John Terry is a name familiar to soccer fans all over the world but especially to those in the UK, as he was until this week the captain of the England football team.

A successful player on the field, he is a controversial figure away from it and he has over the years been embroiled in a seemingly endless series of scandals and PR disasters. In 2001 he was fined for an incident involving American tourists in a bar during the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks; a year later he was charged with assault and affray after a nightclub incident but was eventually acquitted.

That same year, he was fined for parking his luxury car in a disabled parking space. He kept out of trouble for a good while after that, but in 2010 - by which time he had held the England captaincy for four years - newspaper reports alleged he had engaged in a four-month affair with the long-term girlfriend of a fellow England player.

The fallout from that incident, which had the tabloid press in a frenzy, led to Terry being removed of the England captaincy. He was reinstated a year later but in November 2011 he was in the headlines again, this time being accused of racially abusing a rival player during a league game. He was interviewed by police and subsequently charged with using racist language (he allegedly called the player a ‘fuc-ing black c-nt.’)

Terry will have his day in court soon and he vigorously denies the charge, which he intends to fight “tooth and nail”. But he pointedly refused to vacate the England captaincy while the furore was at its height and so the Football Association of England stripped him of that role - again - last week.

Ross Pearson is just one of many English sports fans who feel that Terry should have handed the captain’s armband back long before he had it forcibly taken from him. In fact Pearson, who sees his public profile as a position of responsibility, does not think Terry should ever have been allowed to hold the prestigious position in the first place.

“I think it was the right decision, definitely. He is not captain material and not fit to be the leader of the team, or to lead the country into competition. He is not a role model for kids and he is not a role model for other professionals,” he tells Fighters Only Magazine.

“He is not a good sportsman and I think that stripping him of the captaincy was only right, the captain is supposed to lead by example and if the examples you are setting are the kin that Terry has been setting, well, you don’t want players or fans following that example.

“If he had that fundamental sporting decency he would have resigned the captaincy rather than wait to have it taken away from him. But looking at the way he behaves it doesn’t seem like he is a particularly decent person anyway so no surprise he had to be pushed.

“The right approach would have been to stand up, be a man, resign the captaincy while this scandal and investigation is going on and then if he is cleared, he could take it up again, instead of dragging the England captaincy through the mud the way it is now.”

Terry’s various lapses of judgement over the years not only cause Pearson to shake his head, they also make his hands twitch. So disgusted is he with what he sees as a total disregard for sporting conduct and the responsibilities of being a role model that he would welcome the opportunity to “knock some sense” into the former England captain.

“Sometimes you see these charity boxing matches and so on? I think it would be great if the UFC did something like that and I think there would be a LOT of people would like to see me go up against John Terry if they did. I would soon knock some sense into him,” Pearson says.

“Or let me play in one of these charity football matches against him, I’d definitely put a few good tackles in on him and give him a knock or two, see how tough he is then. I would also show him what proper sportsmanship is though. For instance I would never kick a man when he is down - but I might follow him to the ground and choke him out, like we do in my sport.”

A Sunderland lad by birth, Pearson’s ascent to the top of the UFC world - he is one fight away from a world title challenge which could make him the first Brit ever to win a UFC title - has seen him move his training camp to San Diego in the last twelve months, in order to sharpen his wrestling and jiu jitsu skills.

On December 30th he made a mark in the featherweight division with a one-sided shutout of Brazil’s Junior Assuncao and now Pearson is looking for the UFC to match him with their top contender, whoever they consider that to be. Pearson has a few names in mind, but he particularly fancies the ridiculously durable South Korean fighter Chan Sung-Jung, who revels in the nickname ‘Korean Zombie’.

“I just fell that the Korean Zombie is the next in line to be a contender for the title,” Pearson says when asked why he recently called for the UFC to match him with the South East Asian fighter next.

“But I don’t care if its him or Kenny Florian or Diego Nunes - I want to fight right at the top, I want to fight the number one contender then fight for the title. So whoever the UFC thinks is next in line to fight for the title, I want to be fighting him, because I want to be next in line.

“Its been a month and a half since my last fight, I’ve not heard anything about my next opponent but I have got no injuries and I am ready to go, I’ve had a little bit of down time now so I can start camp straight away.”

Meanwhile, Pearson is also one of a few professional fighters who think that the judges were correct to award Carlos Condit the win over Nick Diaz at the weekend, although he shared fan disappointment in the lacklustre nature of the bout.

“I think it was the right decision but I don’t think it was a great fight. I think a rematch would go the same way because that’s clearly the only gameplan that they would employ against Diaz but the fans didn’t get the fight that they wanted, it wasn’t what it was hyped up to be,” he opines.

“But that’s the sport. At the end of the day he stuck to his plan and won his fight.”


  • Josh

    Posted at 11:30 on February 8th 2012

    please, John Terry would beat the shit out of rossy in any sport. As far as i know JT has not been found guilty of anything and to his defence the ferdinand brothers are two black cunts, everone know this.
    Did you meen that seriously John Terry would beat Ross Pearson up, John Terry couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag, i think it's ridiculous that people actually support that waste of space

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  • Adam

    Posted at 12:41 on February 8th 2012

    Steven Gerrard is the best English player. He should be captain as he hasn't done anything like Terry. I don't know how you think Rossy would get beat by Terry? He's the ultimate fighter winner. He will smash him senseless. Terry has lost it and losing it. Chelsea are terrible this year and will be next with that manager and those crap players.... yawn

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  • Rob

    Posted at 13:45 on February 8th 2012

    @ John - you are a mongo /end

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  • Blakey

    Posted at 21:11 on February 8th 2012

    please, John Terry would beat the shit out of rossy in any sport. As far as i know JT has not been found guilty of anything and to his defence the ferdinand brothers are two black cunts, everone know this.

    MUPPET!!! i say you and JT at the same time . keyboard warrior fag

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  • Surekha

    Posted at 21:33 on February 8th 2012

    As a Chelsea FC supporter I freely admit the whole John Terry case has been dealt with badly. I can understand that JT might feel that giving up the armband would be an admission of guilt hence why he didn't but the way the FA handled it was a joke. They should've taken that decision to remove him from as Captain when it began and not when it appeared that the court case would take place after Euro 2012.

    But seriously, does Pearson think the majority actually looks up to footballers? I love the sport but I'll admit that whilst they might be the highest paid sport personalities in the world, they are all pretty poor morally.

    Gerrard punched a DJ. Rio Ferdinand had been done for speeding and had numerous affairs with women for over a decade (even whilst his wife was pregnant) and let's not get started on Rooney. This is but to name a few, we could be here for days if we were to list all the footballers that have sinned.

    As for England captain I'd like to see Joe Hart given a chance. Seems like the only decent person in the whole England squad to be honest.

    Discrimination in general needs to be dealt with properly in Football, not just racism. FA can't even handle racist abuse cases properly let alone the homophobic abuse that some players get from fans and players. The NBA fined Kobe Bryant $100k for using a gay slur. FA should follow suit and apply such harsh discipline on footballers for ALL levels of discrimination.

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  • keef

    Posted at 12:19 on February 9th 2012

    John Terry V Ross pearson id pay to watch that...i can see it now...Terry choked out with his own england armband in 20 seconds of the first round 1st 10 seconds Ross trying to catch him...while the rest of the chelsea squad are on there hands and knees at side of the Octagon looking for his teeth...put the missus on lock down Ross you know the format! ;-0

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  • JJ

    Posted at 12:41 on February 9th 2012

    The poster at the very bottom of the page has been removed and blocked; racism will not be tolerated


    JJ / FO

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