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Nevada State Athletic Commission asking for fans to suggest rule-changes


The Nevada State Athletic Commission will be holding an open meeting this month where mixed martial arts fans can suggest alterations they would like to see to the unified rules.

Fans can also submit their suggestions by email to NSAC director Keith Kizer by email via kkizer@boxing.nv.gov

NSAC’s press release declares the body to be interested in “comments from interested persons on any matter related to contests or exhibitions of unarmed combat, or any other matter within the jurisdiction of the NSAC.”

There are no guarantees that the commission will act on any suggestions received, but it has consistently shown itself to be open to change and development in the past so there is no reason to think the process will be unproductive.

If there are any suggestions that the commission likes, it will put them forward to be debated at a hearing later this year, with a vote on which measures to enact taking place further down the line.

The best suggestions will be presented at a regulation hearing in the Spring, and will be open for public comment. A final hearing would be held thereafter, and the rule or rules will be voted on.

One suggestion that is likely to loom large, but fall on deaf ears, is to allow knees to the head of a downed opponent. This has been a perennial issue whenever potential rule changes have been discussed.

Its effect on the sport would be significant; it would totally change the dynamic of failed takedown attempts and perhaps go a little way to reversing the current balance of power, which lies towards the wrestlers.

But visually, it is something that the unseasoned observer - or total MMA newcomer - would find shocking and with MMA still a relatively fledgling sport engaged in the battle for hearts and minds, it would possibly be detrimental in the long term.