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Dana ready to 'heavily persuade' Edgar to drop to 145


Frankie Edgar and the UFC president have different ideas about what the former lightweight’s next move should be.

In fact Edgar, who lost the title to Benson Henderson last weekend, doesn’t want to move at all. But Dana White wants him to drop to 145lbs, which he feels is Edgar’s natural weight class. And the move would potentially create a viable challenger to Jose Aldo, which would not hurt the UFC.

The decision ultimately rests with Edgar but White told a media scrum in Sydney, Australia that while he cannot force Edgar’s hand he can “heavily persuade him” to make the drop. That persuasion is likely to take the form of green paper, an argument which carries weight with every fighter.

“I think Jose Aldo is awesome. I think he's pound-for-pound one of the best in the world. So is Frankie Edgar, and there's nothing more fun than when guys are both at the same weight and go in there and fight,” he said.

“I think everybody's pretty clear on what I would like to see. I'd like to see him go down to his natural weight of 145 pounds.”

White - who professes to “really care” about  Edgar and has “so much respect” for him - freely admits he would “love to see him at 145”. But Edgar has exhibited no desire to move down - quite the opposite in fact - and could even be digging his heels in for an immediate rematch with Henderson.

Edgar won the belt at UFC 112, beating BJ Penn. He then had to have an immediate rematch, which he also won. That was followed by a draw with Gray Maynard before they too had an immediate rematch. So precedent and pattern are on Edgar’s side if he insists on the rematch.

“I have a lot of different feelings about the rematch. First and foremost, I feel like Frankie Edgar absolutely deserves one, seeing as how every fight this guy's fought, he's given everybody else a rematch,” says White.

“[But] I don't want him to fight at 155 pounds. I want him to go to 145 and fight for that title. If we do give him a rematch, it clogs it up and there’s other guys that are waiting. [Edgar] belongs at 145 pounds.”