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Mir: Surprise not stubborness caused Nogueira arm-break


Surprise was as much to blame as stubbornness when Rodrigo Nogueira allowed his arm to be broken, according to Frank Mir.

Nogueira was caught in a kimura lock by Mir in December and the hold was carried through to conclusion; Nogueira only tapped as his upper arm-bone was snapped in half. It was the first submission defeat of Nogueira’s career.

“I think he was more surprised [than anything]. There’s that… almost denial that he feels because there is a high confidence level that he is about to get out,” Mir told Crave Online.

“As his brain is trying to figure out an answer on what to do to get out of this, he is in a panic, I am still applying the move. I'm not sitting there waiting for him to figure out what to do. And so, you know, his brain never really accepted defeat. He was looking for a way as to what to do until the end.

Mir also revealed that if he was in the same situation, he would tap well before allowing the limb to be broken or to sustain a debilitating level of damage.

“As far as what I would do, I say, that, if it's a limb thing, I definitely would, once I know I feel something starting to pop, I think I would slap out to, tap out and say screw it,” he admits.

“I don't want to have a broken bone and shred something and alter the way I walk or maybe the way I brush my teeth the rest of my life. On chokes, I've been known to be a dick in the gym and pass out and to go very close.”