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Ole Laursen: "I'm not afraid of any man"


Ole Laursen and Eduard Folayang are the hot favourites to be the Fight of the Night at ONE FC: War of the Lions tomorrow. The two both favour heavy forward pressure and both have a bad-intentions striking game, looking for an early finish rather than protracted point-scoring.

Laursen counts Folayang as a friend, having trained with him in the past, but the Thailand-residing Dane says that he has no intentions of being friendly towards him tomorrow night. On the contrary, he is looking for the knockout.

FO: You had to take your clothes off to make weight, how tough a cut was it?

Cutting weight is no joke, it’s never fun but I always get there in the end. Now I’m rehydrated, I’m feeling good and I will be ready to bang it out tomorrow night.

FO: You looked very intense at the weigh in. I know you and Eduard Folayang were friends but does this mean the friendship is officialy over?

Well we are fighting each other tomorrow and I don’t intend to be too friendly to him then. I like Eduard, this is not personal, it’s business and I am in the business of knocking people out. I’m not afraid of any man and I never back down and if you thought the weigh in was intense wait until you see the fight.

FO: In your last fight against Felipe Enomoto you went looking for the KO early on, can we expect the same again from you?

I tried to knock Felipe out, that’s what I do and there’s no point waiting until round three to do that because in an MMA fight anything can happen at any time. Eduard’s a great fighter, one of the best in Asia and I respect his ability but if you watch his fights you will see he does get hit and I don’t think he has ever been in there with anyone who hits as hard as me.

I only need to connect once and the fight is over, that’s the difference between me and some of the other fighters he has fought.

FO: So is it safe to assume you are planning on keeping the fight standing?

Everyone thinks I am just a stand up fighter but I have ground skills and I would be happy to get to show them off. I got no problem with being on the ground, I roll every single day and I have been doing it for years. If he wants to try and test my ground game then that is absolutely fine by me.

I have fought K-1 and Muay Thai a bunch of times and everyone knows I like to bang but I have been doing MMA for almost ten years now, it’s not like I am just some Muay Thai fighter with no ground game trying it out for the first time. I’ve been around the block.

FO: Eduard is renowned for having incredible stamina, do you feel you need to finish the fight early?

I have been training hard and I am ready to go three rounds but if I can finish the fight early then that’s even better. He always fights at a fast pace and I am going to be throwing some heavy leather and as soon as the fight starts we are going to collide in the middle of the cage.

That’s how it’s going to be, we both know it, he’s a warrior and I’m a warrior and there’s not going to be a feeling out process in this fight.