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Dana: "Brock is clear for WWE return"


Rumours abounded at the weekend that the UFC would be taking some legal action to prevent its former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar returning to the WWE.

Lesnar was also heavily rumoured to be making his WWE comeback at last night’s WrestleMania 28 - he did not appear, although he was backstage and there is considerable substance to reports that he has reached an agreement to begin performing for the WWE again.

Speculation as to the UFC’s possible courses of action ran riot all weekend and so UFC company president Dana White logged into The Underground to chastise some of the more fanciful suggstions.

“Are you guys smoking crack!? Brock is retired and can do WWE! I have said in a million interviews HE CAN DO WWE,” he stated shouted.

“Everyone asking me if all this crazy sh-t is true. The Rock is a friend who always supports the UFC and I supported his event tonight. As far as Brock goes, he has always been great with us and if he cut a deal with Vince for WWE I am happy for him.”

So, that is unequivocal proof that there will not be any legal comebacks from Zuffa or the UFC should lesnar be announced as a WWE signing in the near future.

We can also safely assume that Lesnar will never be putting a pair of four-ounce gloves on again, unless its part of his shtick for his upcoming WWE pantomime violence routine.