Dana White responds to Overeem's failed drug test

Dana White responds to Overeem's failed drug test
April 4th 2012

“You’re an absolute moron, a brain-dead absolute fu*king dummy.”

That was the reaction from UFC president Dana White when he learned today that Alistair Overeem had failed a random drug.

The test was administered last week when representatives of the Nevada State Athletic Commission arrived unannounced at the UFC 146 pre-event press conference which Overeem was attending.

“I am beyond pissed about this. I’m so fu*king mad right now I can’t even begin… The worst part is that he sat in front of us and lied to us,” White fumed.

With the amount of fighters being caught out recently for using performance-enhancing or recreational drugs, White thinks anyone still pursuing either of those interests needs their head examined.

“How fu*king stupid do you have to be? Seriously dumb. Anybody who’s using [performance-enhancing drugs] right now is an absolute fu*king moron,” he snapped.

“It’s beyond - what’s the word I’m looking for - it’s beyond belief. It’s beyond comprehension. You’re an absolute moron, a brain-dead absolute fu*king dummy. It goes beyond a guy have any common sense whatsoever.”

Asked what the plan for the UFC would be if Overeem is unable to explain the test away, thus cancelling his UFC 146 title fight with Junior Dos Santos, White admitted he had nothing but a blank sheet. “There is no Plan B,” he sighed.

Overeem’s failed test was announced by NSAC executive Keith Kizer today. At the same time, Kizer said that the Dutchman would need to appear before an NSAC committee if he wanted licensing for UFC 146. If he does appear, he can demand that his B-sample be tested. Should it come back negative all will be well; if it does not, or if he doesn’t demand it be tested, he will be license-denied.


  • Alexey Cardo

    Posted at 22:21 on April 4th 2012

    Praying for Alistair:) Damn I reallly, REALLY want him succeed

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  • Anthont

    Posted at 23:22 on April 4th 2012

    Dana isn't too bright or blind for not seeing what the rest of us seen for years now....

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  • DJ Kazz

    Posted at 00:37 on April 5th 2012

    There is absolutely no excuse for failing a drug test! Any athlete should be banned for life...There are too many other athletes who would Love the opportunity to fight as a Pro MMA Fighter, let alone fight for the championship belt and millions of $$$.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted at 00:56 on April 5th 2012

    They shouldn't regulate it, I say let them use the Roids. Noone wants to watch two average guys fight. It's far more exciting to watch larger-than-life super humans battle it out. But the fact that it is a rule and he broke it has to be addressed. So here comes Frank Mir ;)

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  • Leon

    Posted at 01:17 on April 5th 2012

    As if his huge body and bloated angry face didn't give it away anyway, but oh yeah... if he fails a drug test, oooohh... jeezus
    dana, you're the fucking moron.

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  • Rest in Peace

    Posted at 01:36 on April 5th 2012

    Dana should fire his a$$ right now. All this is doing is making Dana look like an idiot, and not getting rid of Overeem makes Dana look like his guys can walk all over him. Overeem should be forced into having his B sample tested and let the truth be told!!!

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  • Daniel

    Posted at 01:55 on April 5th 2012

    Know Lesnar's retired. If it's performance enhancing will it put into question his victory over Lesnar. Could the title shot be offered to him by default of sorts?

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  • Brian

    Posted at 03:36 on April 5th 2012

    He is a has been proven in the past. Let the guy go. He has talent yes but he used to be as small as his brother and if he didn't have the performance enhancing drugs he wouldn't have the speed. He would still have some power but not as much. There are legit fighters that do it right that deserve the shot. Give it to them. As far as Brock though. He still would have knocked him out because Brock couldn't take a hit.

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  • gino

    Posted at 03:52 on April 5th 2012

    is it really a big surptise about Overreem? Do you see how he's built like he was carved from granite? Is anyone accusing Big Country of similar cheating-it wouldn't have helped vs JDS he would have gotten knocked the fxxx out!!!

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  • Gator

    Posted at 05:26 on April 5th 2012

    Should bring Brock Lesnar back and make them have a re-match. He was probably on drugs when he fought Lesnar. These are random drug tests after all. He had to cheat to beat Lesnar obviously!!!

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