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Reports: Lesnar's WWE contract worth $5m over one year


Brock Lesnar’s new WWE contract is reportedly worth $5 million.

The former UFC heavyweight champion returned to the WWE this week and plunged straight back into a rivalry storyline with John Cena.

Pro-wrestling blogs are reporting that his contract will last until next year’s WrestleMania event, making it a 12-month deal.

One of the key reasons that Lesnar departed the WWE in the first place was the gruelling schedule; the WWE is somewhat of a travelling circus and its talent perform very frequently, sometimes more than once a week.

The highly physical nature of the performances, added to the extensive travelling required and prolonged periods away from home, were also large factors in Lesnar choosing to walk away from the ‘sport’ several years ago.

The frequency of his appearances under the new contract is not known but one source has it at around two per month. That is still far in excess of his obligations with the UFC but far less than other WWE pro-wrestlers are required to undertake.

Lesnar’s return is a huge boost for the WWE and guarantees some enormous paydays. At the same time, his departure hurts the UFC in terms of PPV sales and the knife was twisted in that wound yesterday when Alistair Overeem, who beat Lesnar at UFC 141, was announced as having tested positive for elevated testosterone levels.

He is now very likely to be out of his title fight with Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146 unless he provide a convincing explanation to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. If he cannot he will be facing some time on the sidelines, a disaster from the UFC’s point of view.