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Cris Cyborg suspension upheld, banned until December 2012

Cris Cyborg suspension upheld, banned until December 2012
April 9th 2012

Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos has been unsuccessful in her attempt to have the California State Athletic Commission reduce her one-year suspension.

The former Strikeforce featherweight women’s champion was hit with the suspension after testing positive for substances indicating likely steroid use following a title defence in September last year.

Her urine contained traces of the popular steroid stanozolol; Santos subsequently claimed she had taken unidentified supplements on the advice of a training partner who was trying to help her cut weight.

The lightning-quick win over the hopelessly overmatched Hiroko Yamanaka was changed to a ‘no contest’ when the test results were confirmed and Santos was also hit with a one year suspension.

Today she appeared before a CSAC hearing to ask the body to reduce the sentence to six months; that would have freed her up for a fight at the end of the summer.

She was having some success in swaying certain committee members, until the hardline - and fantastically named - Dr. VanBuren Ross Lemons had his say.

“The use of performance enhancing medications or drugs in this sport is unacceptable and dangerous. It’s one of the most dangerous things we can allow, that we see athletes doing,” he said.

“Intentionally or unintentionally, the opponent was put in undue danger at that match. My recommendation is not to reduce the penalty.”

The commission voted unanimously to uphold the suspension, which means that Santos will not be able to reapply for a license until December 17 this year.

In the mean time she may take a fight overseas but athletic commissions are notoriously unfond of such circumvention and it can end up counting against the fighter when they reapply for a license at the end of their suspension.


  • Dara Moloney

    Posted at 20:28 on April 9th 2012

    Dam right her suspension is being held up for the full term!! If she cannot work as hard as the honest fighters, she may as well go take up another hobby.

    MMA and UFC is for proper athletes.

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  • bill hardy

    Posted at 12:24 on April 10th 2012

    i agree with post above...

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