Video: Bas Rutten, Joe Rogan, Josh Barnett discuss Overeem test fail

Video: Bas Rutten, Joe Rogan, Josh Barnett discuss Overeem test fail
April 10th 2012

Last week Alistair Overeem failed a random drug test administered by the NSAC, now his May 26th fight with Junior Dos Santos is in jeopardy.

On the latest episode of Inside MMA, host Bas Rutten chaired a discussion of the situation with guests Joe Rogan, Michael Schiavello, and Josh Barnett.


  • Nick

    Posted at 20:43 on April 10th 2012

    I don't mean to sound disrespectful toward Bas, he is almost a deity of our sport and is a tremendous athlete. However, Bas himself did test positive for a banned substance the last time he fought whereas Alistair did not. He just tested positive for elevated testosterone levels. I really don't believe Bas has any right to disrespect any fighter to come up with an abnormal drug test especially when he got caught USING SYNTHETIC HEROIN and it was proven against him.

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  • hikids

    Posted at 07:16 on April 11th 2012

    SYNTHETIC HEROIN is a pain killer not a ped.... shut your mouth

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  • Alexey Cardo

    Posted at 09:24 on April 11th 2012

    pain killers also can affect the result of a fight, can`t they?

    I have huge respect for all pro athletes,
    but I feel like Bas Rutten is talking not quiet sincerely.
    In fact, looks like he feels jealous to Alistair`s success
    (of course, there are _also_ questions about AO, but it isn`t really the time for big words yet)...

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