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Lesnar "proud" to have returned to WWE


It was mere weeks ago that Brock Lesnar was wearing four-ounce gloves and still professing to be a mixed martial artist.

But since returning to the WWE earlier this month he has embraced his old role with gusto and is back doing the pantomime fight game with all the aplomb that made him such a star in the first place.

He was on WWE flagship show Monday Night RAW to talk about his return to the company and he was asked if he’s proud that he has returned to an activity he once swore was forever behind him.

“Proud? I'm proud of everything I do,” he snapped. “Let me tell you a little story. Eight years ago I left this company. I was a WWE Champion. Took this company to heights it had never seen before.

“Left the company, went to the UFC and became UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world. Their success was on my blood, sweat and tears. Proud? Damn right I'm proud.”

Strong words - but are they serious? It is hard to tell with Lesnar being back in the WWE whether he is again just making the right noises for the fans, rather than expressing truly heartfelt sentiments.

In the end it matters little - the UFC rolls on without him while the WWE collectively rubs its hands as Lesnar will make 2012 a bumper year for PPV sales once again.

And while he makes money for the WWE, his ‘replacement’ is causing headaches for the UFC.

Alistair Overeem, who thrashed him in December, has failed a urine test and has to appear before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on April 24 to try and convince the body to license him for a UFC 146 title shot against Junior Dos Santos.

If he cannot, the fight is scrapped - and the UFC will have to sideline arguably the most marketable PPV star they have.