Another nail in the Strikeforce coffin?

Another nail in the Strikeforce coffin?
April 11th 2012

Strikeforce used to have a pretty active website that had lots to read and view, including a solid library of video promos and fighter interviews.

That has all changed now though - the site has been altered into being nothing more than a holding page with a flyer for the forthcoming Heavyweight Grand Prix Finals.

Featuring Josh Barnett vs. Daniel Cormier, the Finals have been highly-anticipated for a long time. But it was announced by UFC president Dana White late last year that Strikeforce’s heavyweight division would cease to exist once that fight was concluded.

In fact, one has to question how long Strikeforce will continue to exist at all. A paper-thin roster means that lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez is having a rubber-match with Josh Thomson on this upcoming card - a decent fight, but fans want to see Melendez against other challengers.

Here’s what the Strikeforce website looks like now - as Strikeforce has been a money-losing venture for Zuffa since they bought it in early 2011, they are probably saving money on it wherever they can. It certainly doesn’t take a full-time webmaster to post a flyer up.



  • Alexey Cardo

    Posted at 20:10 on April 11th 2012


    Please tell em to try, for example, Russian or especially Ukranian webmasters.
    Tons of talent and inexpensive.

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