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Thiago Silva on Vera, Gustaffson, Sweden


Thiago Silva is fighting Alexander Gustaffson in the headline bout of UFC on FUEL 2, which takes place in Stockholm, Sweden this Saturday night.

It is his first fight since being suspended for a year following a positive drugs test after his UFC 125 win over Brandon Vera. That result was subsequently changed to a no-contest and Vera was un-cut from the UFC roster as a result.

Silva has Gustaffson in front of him this weekend, but there is no doubt a Vera rematch looms in the near future. Fighters Only found out more…

FO: Hey Thiago thanks for the time. First of all, you’re speaking English and its really fluent! When did this happen?

I’ve been practising! I’ve been living in the United States for like two years, or a little bit more, and I think I had to learn to speak, you know? [I learned] just in the streets, just like one year ago, talked with my friends, in the gym… just like that. I never went to school for it.

Its great because now I can communicate everybody and I can express… its great, everybody can know me better.

FO: How is the back injury that was hampering you for so long?

Right now its 100 per cent good. I took some time off to fix my back and take care of my body and right now it is very good.  I have three herniated discs on the lower back, very bad situation. That’s why I had to take some time off to take care of it.

Nobody knows but I trained jiu jitsu for a long time, since I was a kid like seven years old. Too much time, too much pressure [on the back].

FO: Are you glad to be on this Sweden card or would you have preferred to make the comeback in Brazil?

Man I am happy to fight it doesn’t matter where, I haven’t fought for one year as everyone knows. The only thing that mattered was to fight, it doesn’t matter where.

FO: What did you do with that year off?

I fixed my body. Trained a lot, training and fixing my body.

FO: What are your thoughts on Gustaffson?

I think he is a tough guy, he is fighting in front of his town, his country but I am ready for him, I am going to fight hard. But I am a professional fighter I am here to fight he can have the whole country behind him but inside the cage its just me and him, lets do it.

FO: Your last fight was with Brandon Vera and that ended up being ruled a no-contest because of the subsequent failed drug test. He returned to the UFC roster and a rematch is likely; he seems to harbour some bad feelings against you. Is it mutual?

I don’t have bad feelings about nobody but the thing is a couple of fighters like to talk crap before the fight. I don’t like to talk crap, that’s not me. They like to talk crap and disrespect me? I show disrespect inside the cage - I prefer ‘show’ to ‘talk.’ the UFC pays me to fight not to talk. I don’t have bad feelings at all - if he does, that’s his problem.

FO: What was it exactly that he said or did before that first fight?

He talked a lot of crap about me, he said things…. Ah, like I said I don’t like to talk. I will talk inside the cage

FO: That point in the fight where you mocked him by playing the drums on his back as he was in quarter position, what tune were you playing?

Ha! The song was my music Ratamahatta

FO: You must feel bad about his nose though, that was a horrendous break.

That’s part of the game. If you are going to fight, there are going to be consequences.


Photo by Kate Silver (c)