Source: Hector Lombard definitely joining UFC

Source: Hector Lombard definitely joining UFC
April 19th 2012

Hector Lombard is “almost definitely” on his way to the UFC.

Lombard is the middleweight champion of Bellator FC. His contract recently expired but he is still locked into a ‘match period’ clause, which gives Bellator the option to match any offer made to him by other promotions.

Last weekend Bellator was issued, via Lombard’s representatives, with a copy of the offer that the UFC has made. A source close to the situation says that the package offered by the UFC is “unviable” for Bellator to match.

Lombard is a big name on their roster, but losing him will hardly kill the promotion. There is a certain loss of face to having your champion vacate his belt to go elsewhere, but then again Bellator has never made any pretence of being a rival to the UFC’s tenure of the number one spot.

That said, Bellator did recently sign a deal with Spike TV and receive investment from Viacom. It will begin airing on Spike from January 2013, filling the space that the UFC recently vacated by making a move to FOX.

Bellator has a middleweight tournament underway at present so when - rather than if - Lombard’s departure is finalised, the two finalists may well find themselves competing for the vacant belt rather than the chance to challenge for it.


  • Thuorn

    Posted at 20:26 on April 20th 2012

    Bellator already has a Middleweight tourny winner waiting for his title shot, Alexander Shlemenko. So, if they lose Lombard, Shlemenko will fight the winner of the current Middleweight tourny for the title.

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  • Charles

    Posted at 14:30 on April 21st 2012

    Is it 'Definitely' or 'Almost definitely'? The title and the article doesn't say the same thing??

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