Video: Falcao-Spang post-fight brawl

Video: Falcao-Spang post-fight brawl
April 23rd 2012

The first blows have already been struck in the Bellator middleweight semi-final match between Maiquel Falcao and Andreas Spang - despite the fight being weeks away.

Spang and Falcao booked their spots in the semi-final with a KO of Brian Rogers and a decision win over Vyacheslav Vasilevsky respectively.

They were brought face-to-face in the ring following Spang’s win and things quickly spiralled out of contral - Falcao went nose-to-nose with Swedish man Spang, who didn’t like that and shoved the Brazilian away.

Falcao reacted furiously, swinging for Spang and then clinching with him and throwing a knee. Cornermen and Bellator officials had to drag the two apart and hold them back as they attempted to have their semi-final fight right there and then.


Sources indicate no punitive action will be taken for the incident - but the referee had better be quick off the mark when they meet some weeks from now, as there is unlikely to be any quarter asked or given and certainly no Brian Stann-style aftercare for their opponent if there is knockout.



  • bill hardy

    Posted at 12:13 on April 23rd 2012

    Ithought that Vasilesky beat falcao ,,sprang has a wild left hand .this fight should be interesting..

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  • Eduardo Cruz

    Posted at 12:39 on April 23rd 2012

    Today I will share Maiquel's statement on the pos-fight brawl. Here comes a video:

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