Chris Lytle fails to win State Senate nomination, UFC return possible?


Could Chris Lytle be on his way back to the UFC?

Speculation of a possible return is rife following Lytle’s losing out on his bid to become the Republican candidate for the Indiana State Senate yesterday.

Lytle polled respectable numbers, coming second with 30 per cent of the vote. The winner was Mike Crider, who took 41 percent of the vote became the only the second Republican to run for the seat since 1988.

Indiana fireman Lytle, who maintained his role in the emergency service for the entirety of his UFC career, described the run as “a good fight”.

He officially retired from MMA last August after taking a win over Dan Hardy by way of a third-round submission, commencing his run on the campaign trail weeks afterwards.

That was a high note to go out on following twelve years of fighting which had seen ups, downs, wars and massive amounts of bonus money - over half a million dollars in UFC bonus payments to be exact.

Now that his attempt to win political office has fizzled out, Lytle will be back to having spare time on his hands and a return to action might seem attractive - after all, the UFC bonus payments are getting bigger each year.