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Lauzon confirms Etim fight


Joe Lauzon has confirmed that he is to fight Terry Etim in August.

Eagle-eyed readers of the Fighters Only site will remember that we reported the fight in March, although we noted that paperwork was not yet in place.

The bout agreements are now signed - meaning the fighters are contracted to appear against each other - which has prompted Lauzon’s official confirmation of the bout this week.

They were originally matched for UFC 188 but injuries scotched the meet and Lauzon ended up fighting Gabe Ruediger instead. Now they are again on collision course and Lauzon says he couldn’t be happier with the match.

“Terry Etim is a lanky lightweight over 6 feet tall…He has a lot of wins by submission and generally uses his “long ass arms” to choke people into submission. While I can’t grow my arms or legs any longer to help deal with him, I will be training like a mad man to try and negate his length and bring the fight to him,” Lauzon wrote on his blog.

“For both of us, this is kind of like deja vu because we have already trained for one another. I liked the fight the first time around, but I really like the fight this time around as I have grown tremendously as an athlete and fighter.”

Lauzon is coming off a KO loss to Anthony Pettis at UFC 144 in February this year. The fight took place in Japan and lasted 1:21 before Pettis was able to find the finishing head-kick which dropped Lauzon and ended the bout.

Etim is also coming off a head-kick KO loss. His was inflicted by Edson Barboza in Brazil late last year. The fight went three rounds before Barboza launched a spinning heel-kick which landed on Etim’s temple and made for a spectacular highlight-reel finish.

Both Etim and Lauzon are 2-2 in their last four outings and 1-1 in their last two. Both their recent wins also came by way of quick finishes - Lauzon scored a rear-naked choke on Melvin Guillard in 46 seconds at UFC 136 while Etim landed a guillotine on Edward Faaloloto in just 17 seconds at UFC 138 in October.

The UFC on FOX 4 fight will be televised.