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FanPosts: Has Jones' DUI arrest changed your opinion of him?


The big news at the weekend was not Daniel Cormier’s winning of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix but rather the arrest of UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones for suspected DUI.

Jones crashed his ridiculously expensive Bentley Continental into a streetlight at 5am Saturday; he was arrested at the scene and bailed shortly afterwards.

The incident has divided fan opinion, as this week’s FanPosts show:

@jeevuswalks - I lost all respect for JBJ, for a man who praises religion all the time, this is a selfish act, especially as 1 month ago he said he would never get caught with a DUI. I reckon he might have blown the chances of a big sponsor coming in for him.

Matthew Poole - My opinion of him wont change. Yes he runs his mouth a lot and yes he can rub people up the wrong way but people are still talking about him and that's the whole point. Don’t get me wrong I in no way condone drink driving and I am sure he will get any and all punishments that he is due but everyone deserves a second chance and he should too.

Neil UK - Has it changed my view of him? Yes. This has nothing to do with his cockiness or his faith or anything else. Its about basics - for me if you have a drink, you don't drive, no matter what. Doing the job I do (emergency services), its something I see nearly every day.

We've seen it happen with a few fighters and everytime I wonder who's going to be the one that finally hits a pedestrian or another car. Its a matter of time before this happens and sets the sport back in most of the general publics eyes. There's no excuse, if you drink, don't drive. After all I'm pretty sure Mr Jones has the spare cash to pay for a cab.

Jordan Grenyion-Smith - It doesn't affect my opinion because being arrested doesn't always mean you're guilty.

If anyone's opinion of Jon Jones is affected, it's Jon Jones. He carries himself as a beacon of hope, that everyone with dreams can look up to and be inspired. He feels that beacon should be pure of iniquities, and a DUI is far from that. The picture he has worked so hard to paint has been blotched with a black ink, and he can decide whether to clean it and try again or paint around it.

Joel Reid - If the mans done this there's no return. You simply can not be #1 and repping the sport with that in the background. I've two friends - one who lost his wife to a drink driver, left with two kids, and another who lost both parents to one.

I'm not making judgement on a personal level merely from a moralistic view/stand point. He earns the money so he can either wear the suit properly or hand it to the next man that can.

Sherene McLaurin - Why should he be chastised for doing something everyone in the world has done. Its true for every athlete or star they are held on pedestals and ppl forget they cant be perfect ALL THE TIME! It should bring forth the fact that he is human and he does make mistakes, doesnt mean what he did is ok bc he couldve hurt someone but my opinion of him has not changed. Y'all have a great day.

Jason Rankin - While Jon Jones alleged DUI arrest may change some peoples opinion on the champ, it doesn’t change mine, yet. Instead lets see how he may change because of this. JBJ is a human being like the rest of us, we all make mistakes, its how we own up to them and learn from them that is worthy of making judgement from.

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