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Dana White on recent illness, insisting on surgery


UFC president Dana White discusses his recent illness and surgery, which caused him to miss his first UFC show in eleven years. The ear condition “sucks and is the last thing on earth I wanted to deal with, with all the other sh-t we have got going on,” he says.

White says the doctors wanted to refuse him surgery because they wanted to try treatment options first, but White is demanding a jump direct into surgery because of his business commitments and because only 50 per cent

“I tried to explain to him what my life is like and that I don’t want to ever be on a14-hour flight to Brazil and have that happen to me again,” he said, ‘that’ being a crippling attack of vertigo, migraine and other symptoms of Meniere’s Disease.

“But surgery is not the cure either; they go in and cut the nerve that controls the equilibrium so you have to learn how to walk again, depth perception and all these other things. I want the surgery, I will have the surgery, its just a question of when.”