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Wanderlei lets rip at "chicken" Belfort


Vitor Belfort’s withdrawal from the UFC 147 card because of a left-hand injury that required surgery has sent Wanderlei Silva into apoplexy.

Silva and Belfort are currently on television in Brazil as rival coaches on their localised series of The Ultimate Fighter. They were to face off in the headline bout of UFC 147 but the bout is now scrapped as Belfort cannot even train for four weeks.

Wanderlei used his account on Twitter to comment on Vitor's injury. ‘The Axe Murderer’ began tweeting about a previous statement that Belfort made saying he would take the rival with only one hand:  “Wish you had one? Hahahaha Sir, you're a boaster!!!”

And Silva went on: "We're professionals it is a big irresponbility not to take care in training, a huge disrespect to fans! I was too sad with all of this. I am ready to knock you out but there is nowhere to hide, this fight will happen. You can’t run, hide".

“Nobody punches so hard in the training [that they break their hands]. We use the best equipment: gloves, gel, bandage. I think he chickened up. If he was afraid, he couldn't have accepted the fight. What will it be like now for the main people interested [fans] in this fight?

“If it is really broken, it is amateurism; if not, he surrendered. In both hypothesis there is much disrespect, lack of responsibility with the public!!!

For Wanderlei, the injury does not work as an excuse. “I am - beg your pardon for the word - fu-ked with this amateurism. A main event in the biggest event of the world and the guy comes with that? No, there is no excuse.”

Vitor Belfort private doctor Michael Simini responded to Wanderlei's messages. “Dear Wanderlei… Suggesting that Vitor’s injury didn't occur is to doubt my professional ethic. I have nothing to do with the rivalry of you to but I can assure you that if it had happened to you, you would be as debiitated as him.”

Vitor Belfort himself didn't address a message direct to Wanderlei, but wrote on Twitter: “The emotional unbalance of a person reveals his fears. I thank you fans for the kindness and also my sponsors.

“Confidence isn't arrogance. I stay confident and keep my respect for my adversary for my fight now against my injury.”