Anderson a "bitch, coward, filthy liar" says former training partner Pele


Jose ‘Pele’ Landi-Jons was once one of the most feared middleweights in the world, with an incredibly dynamic - and frankly violent - fighting style that centred around an aggressive Muay Thai style.

Years on, his place at the top of the middleweight tree has been taken by Anderson Silva, who is a former training partner of his at Chute Boxe.

Anderson recently released an autobiography in Brazil and some of the things he has written have caused turmoil in the Brazilian MMA scene, such as the revelation that he was once lying in wait for his coach Rafael Cordeiro to confront him after a dispute - with a shotgun.

Another story in the book relates to Landi-Jons; Anderson says that one day he was walking with his daughter in the rain when Landi-Jons drove by and deliberately went through a puddle to soak the pair of them.

Landi-Jons, who is hot-headed at the best of times, has gone absolutely mental about what he claims is “a filthy lie”: