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Erick Silva "to hit 90 kilos on fight night" for Brenneman clash


Everything is all set for Erick Silva to get one more victory at UFC, according to his conditioning coach Rogerio Camoes, who has been working with the welterweight fighter for three years. ‘Rogerao’, as he is known in the fighting business, took care of the whole preparation for the duel versus Charlie Brenneman this Friday at UFC on FX 3.

"Erick comes off a one-year work, but since his first fight at UFC, we started to prepare for the Luiz Beicao bout, in which he got a quick knockout win. At that time, we started to work to improve his performance,“ he says.

“He had to gain body mass, physical quality and to make more potent the muscular explosion, that is in his genetics. I planed a preparation focused on this. This gain of physical quality! He has much more muscular mass than fat. The percentage is lower for MMA and is easier to work the loss of weight.

We are here since Monday and he is 5kg above the weight because of the water retained along the travelling here. When he weighed, he weighed 84kg but the weight has to be 82.5-83. It is gonna be calm. In the past fight he made the weight easily and everything is ready for us to make 77kg sharp,” he explained.

Erick Silva was able not to leave Rio de Janeiro for the fights versus Luis Beicao and Carlo Prater. Nevertheless, Rogerio believes the one-hour time zone and the climate similar to Rio's wound up helping in the final lap of the trainings for Brenneman. Camoes affirms that his athlete might get into the Octagon around 90kg.

“Initially, the travel didn't change much at all. Erick is very focused. He is easygoing, relaxed and doesn't get stressed out about anything. This is great and helps 100% in the work. The time zone is quite the same and here is as hot as in Rio, so there is no problem,” he says.

“I believe that he will fight weighing around 85kg. The last time he almost hit 90gk and we are expecting him to return to the normal weight, around 88-90. The idea is to let him very near to it. Let's see the answer of the body. If everything goes alright, he can fight at 88 or 89.”