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Sonnen's head coach hospitalised after 'minor stroke or seizure'


Chael Sonnen’s main coach Scott McQuarry has been hospitalised following a minor stroke at his Team Quest facility late last night.

McQuarry suffered a “minor stroke or seizure” and was taken to the intensive care unit of the local hospital, according to Team Quest Tualatin.

“Scott had a minor stroke or seizure tonight at the gym, he's in ICU resting right now, should know more tomorrow, but as we know Scott if one bad mofo so we expect a full recovery. But we're keeping him and his family in our thoughts and prayers,” a post on the facility’s official Facebook page read.

McQuarry only took over as Sonnen’s head coach in fairly recent times, with his influence first showing in the Brian Stann fight. In that fight Sonnen showed a more aggressive attitude towards submission-hunting and he finished with an arm-triangle win.

His main background is in judo but McQuarry also has a good Muay Thai game and has worked with Sonnen in that sphere as well. With Sonnen having a career-crucial rematch with middleweight champion Anderson Silva in July, McQuarry’s ailment could not have come at a worse time.

If it is determined to be a minor stroke - a Transient Ischaemic Attack in medical parlance - the results are double-edged. On the one hand these rarely do any lasting damage and recovery is very quick, a matter of days at most. On the other, they are taken to indicate that the risk of a full stroke in future is very high.