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Sneak Preview 2: A little more revealed of the new Fighters Only edition covers


Tito Ortiz is without doubt one of the all-time greats of the mixed martial arts game. The former UFC light-heavyweight champion was one of the first fighters to really understand the value of building an image and a brand to complement their fighting activities - no surprise that Ortiz is still one of the most famous faces in MMA despite a new generation of light-heavyweights now in the ascendancy.

This Thursday, the latest UK edition of Train Hard, Fight Easy will hit the shelves. Packed with training tips and MMA technique, the cover feature is an exclusive in-depth interview with Ortiz speaking as frankly as he is famous for about his career, relationships and legacy. Don’t miss it!


Dana White may be the face of the UFC but there is no denying who is its voice - the inimitable Joe Rogan, a stand-up comedian, BJJ brown built and critical-thinking enthusiastic who has legions of fans and followers not just for his MMA activities but also for his blogging and pod casting as a progressive thinker and cultural critic.

This Thursday is one of the rare occasions when you will see a Fighters Only cover star who is not a professional fighter. Rogan has earned the right to be on the cover via his tireless work as an MMA ambassador and his role as UFC commentator. But the feature interview goes much wider in scope, reflecting the almost Bill Hicks-esque intellect and musings of Rogan, a true Renaissance man.