Dana White set for 'battle of wills' with doctors over surgery he wants

Dana White set for 'battle of wills' with doctors over surgery he wants
June 19th 2012

Dana White is suffering from the comparatively rare condition Meniere’s Disease, which affects the inner-ear and causes the suffer to endure bouts of severe vertigo, nausea and loss of balance.

The UFC president is hoping for surgery to correct the ailment but doctors disagree - they want to try medication first before progressing to an invasive surgical procedure.

White wants to skip the initial stages of treatment options and go straight to the surgery because of his work schedule; he says he simply doesn’t have time to wait and see if medication works.

The problem, as he explains, is that even the surgery is not the final solution. The surgeons will cut a nerve in the inner-ear that will stop the Meniere’s Disease symptoms - but it will also require White to totally recalibrate his balance and eye-to-hand coordination.

He thinks it will be faster to do that than to follow the medication path. The doctors disagree and so White is set for “a battle of wills…”


  • John P

    Posted at 10:48 on June 19th 2012

    I just got hit with my first spout of Vertigo a month's DEFINATELY no fun at all. Medication didn't fix it up in a timely fashion but you feel like junk when this thing hits you, can't even stand up or walk. Lost 14lbs in 3 days because of it. Medication is posion, get the surgery D.

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