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Chris Leben promoted to blue belt, gets whipped


Chris Leben finally got promoted in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - and he took a few stingers to celebrate.

There are generally two traditions in BJJ belt promotions. Some places make you roll everyone in the room with no break, others give you a belt-whipping to celebrate. Some places do both, the animals.

No news on whether Leben got iron-manned (rolled everyone) but he did get a whipping, which you can watch below.

Surprisingly, the promotion was only from white belt to blue belt. That seems a lowly rank considering Leben’s high-level MMA career, but of course much of his training has been for MMA and so has been no-gi.

You don’t get a belt if you don’t wear the gi - although Rashad Evans notoriously did - so Leben is still at the bottom end of the gi-BJJ game, which is really a different style of sport to no-gi anyway.

We last saw Leben in action against Mark Munoz. Shortly after the November 5 fight it emerged he had failed a drug test and was suspended for one year. It seems he is putting the spare time to good use.