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Dana: "That fight sucked"


Dana White isn’t one for holding back on his opinions.

But it was still a shock to see just how forthright he was about the Gray Maynard/Clay Guida fight that headlined last night’s UFC on FX4 event. White, the front man of the company, openly declared that the fight “sucked” while chairing the post-event press conference.

“The fight sucked. I don't know how to expand on it anymore. I don't think that was a split decision at all. I think Gray Maynard won that fight easily. Nobody can win or lose a fight when the guy is running around in circles. He was literally running,” he said.

“I had some guys who are fans on Twitter saying, 'Great footwork.' This isn't f------ 'Dancing With the Stars.' You can't win a fight by running around in circles – that's not how fights are won.”

White even went so far as to compare the fight with the infamous Kalib Starnes/Nate Quarry encounter at UFC 83.

“Because this was the main event, I think it was worse. I will [talk to Guida but] I'm not his trainer. I'm not his coach. These guys come up with game plans, whatever it is, but to make a guy like Clay Guida go out and fight like that - that was the game plan!?”

“I think Clay Guida's a warrior. The guy has fought for us a zillion times. He's put on some of the best fights ever in UFC history. Tonight, I don't know if he had a premonition that he should go out and fight like this or he got some bad advice. But again, who am I? I'm not his trainer, I'm not his coach.

“Maybe that's the way he wants to fight for the rest of his career. I don't know. I wouldn't advise it.”