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Renzo: "If Sonnen talked about my wife I would bite him"


There are just five more days to go before we see the long-awaited rematch between Anderson Silva and his would-be nemesis Chael Sonnen.

It is one of the most highly anticipated rematches in the whole history of the UFC and so it is not surprising that comment and opinion is coming thick and fast from every corner of the MMA community.

Anderson’s fellow Brazilians have sided with him almost to a man, the latest being Renzo Gracie. He has slammed Sonnen’s trash-talking to hype the fight and says the challenger has crossed the line more than once with the things he has been saying.

“This kind of talk means you don’t deserve respect. Where I come from, it means blood - when you offend someone like this he will put his fists up whenever he sees you. The fight will happen whenever you see him.

“Sonnen has been clever. He was caught using [steroids after the first fight] but people have forgotten this. They only talk about his comments. He has turned these comments into something so big that they covered up everything else.”

“His comment about slapping Anderson’s wife on the ass did not have class… if someone said this about my wife, if I met with him I would bite him. I don’t like this kind of provocation and I hope nobody ever directs it at me because things would not go right.”